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The challenge of being human....


Life can be difficult. Perhaps it is difficult for you right now.


You may be struggling to understand or control strong or troubling emotions. Perhaps you feel 'stuck' in entrenched ways of being, feeling and relating. You may simply feel the need to explore your inner world and gain an understanding of why you are the way you are.

Psychotherapy can help you to address these and many other issues. With empathic support we all possess the innate ability to alter the direction of our lives and realise our potential. 

How it works

I provide a safe therapeutic space in which the problems and mysteries of being human can be explored respectfully and creatively. My aim is to bring insight and understanding to the challenges in your life, facilitating growth and change. My approach is collaborative but you would remain in control, determining the pace of therapy, the material you bring, when and how we address deeply painful or traumatic issues, the duration of your therapy and eventually how we end it. 

We would normally have an initial free phone or 'zoom' conversation to discuss your needs which will enable me to decide whether I can provide what you are looking for.  From this discussion you will be starting to develop a sense of me and whether you would feel comfortable working with me. 

If we decide to work together we would then arrange a time for regular 50-minute therapy sessions which would normally be held weekly.  

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